Installation on curved surfaces

athena gebogenCan a boatsign® lettering be mounted on curved surfaces?

Most surfaces on a boat are suitable for installation without restrictions. Due to their nature, relief lettering is only partially flexible. In contrast to conventional foil labels, they cannot be glued to some substrates.

The following factors are important:


Which boatsign® model is used?

Die Eigenschafts-Box

The various models differ greatly in their flexibility due to their technical structure. For example, SJØNA is almost inflexible due to its multi-layer structure, while ABACO can also be installed on slightly curved surfaces.

On every product page you will find a box with product properties to the right of the description. The degree of flexibility is indicated there.

What font is used?

The chosen font also influences the flexibility of a lettering. A bold font is less flexible than a light font due to the amount of material.

How is the surface shaped?

The most important criterion, however, is the shape of the surface: If you take a closer look at your boat, you will see that most of the curves and arches are very gentle. In most cases, mounting a boatsign® lettering is therefore not a problem. The following picture shows suitable and unsuitable substrates:

Untergründe am Bootsrumpf

3 Horizontal curvature
The hull makes a slight bend towards the bow tip (slight horizontal curvature). A boatsign® lettering can still be easily mounted on the upper, black area.

2 Vertical curvature
Here the surface is strongly curved vertically (from top to bottom). The deformable foam adhesive of our lettering probably cannot completely compensate for this bend. There is a risk that letters will come off. If you want to stick to such a place, you should contact us beforehand (see below).

2 Flat surface
This area is almost flat. Installation is possible without any problems.

2 Beads and Edges
Unfortunately, it is not possible to glue lettering over beads and edges. If you still want to label this area, there is only foil labeling. Of course we can also deliver these - also to match any relief lettering that may be present. Please contact us.

You are not sure?

If you are not sure whether the location you have planned can be covered with relief lettering, then simply contact our service. We like to help you.

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