3D-Beschriftung Modell Maya Bay

Acrylic glass with carbon surface

The colors

MAYA BAY is available in 4 different carbon colors.
The body of the letter is black.


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The prices

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The standard fonts

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The material

MAYA BAY is similar in structure to the ZUIDERZEE lettering. Again, the body of the letter is made of black, cast acrylic glass. The carbon surface in 4 different colors is structured, so you can "feel" it with your finger.

All lettering is self-adhesive. The back is provided with a high-performance adhesive.


Material   PMMA (Acrylglas), colored with carbon coating
Thickness   4,7 mm (incl. adhesive) 
UV resistance   7 Years
Saltwater resistance   Yes
Flexibility   Medium
Self assembly   Possible without prior knowledge
Shipping   10 days after approval



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  • BackskisteThanks to the “Backskiste” ready for assembly!

    All boatsign® logos are supplied with complete installation accessories.

    Your delivery includes:
    • Self-adhesive lettering - depending on the font in single letters
    • boatsign® mounting template
    • Special cleaner for pretreatment
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Adhesive tape for fixation before assembly
    • Tape measure
    • Assembly Instructions
  • siegel zufrieden 500pxWith this boatsign® lettering you acquire a high-quality product that will give you unlimited pleasure for many years to come. Our products come with extensive guarantees:
    • 5 year material guarantee on all components
    • 5 year guarantee on color fastness
    • 5 years guarantee on the adhesive
    If you have any reason to complain within the guarantee period, for example because a letter comes off the surface or it changes color, we will immediately provide you with a replacement. If delivery in the original color is no longer possible, we will replace the entire lettering. If this is attached to the boat twice, we will replace both logos. The guarantee does not include expenses for removing the old and gluing the new lettering.

    What should I do if I have a complaint?

Sports boat lettering from boatsign®

Underline the character of your sports boat with a label that is individual and high quality. boatsign® is your contact for special sports boat lettering. With a selected sport boat lettering in 3D relief lettering, whose font and color you choose individually, you round off the look of your boat with style.
With a sport boat lettering from boatsign®, you do not need to have the boat name painted on your boat or yacht in one of the standard fonts or spend a lot of money on overpriced boat foils that quickly dissolve in salt water and have no UV resistance.
With the 3D relief lettering for boats and yachts, boatsign® has developed a high-quality product, the versatility of which means that there are hardly any limits. The boatsign team passionately followed the idea and meticulously worked on its implementation. Various materials were tested before the ideal material for the yacht and boat lettering was found. With the know-how from advertising technology and the knowledge of what is important for yacht and boat lettering, the team developed a process to enable high-quality boat lettering according to costumers design.
With boatsign® your sports boat can also be given a label that is distinctive and gives the appearance of your boat the finishing touch.

Sports boat lettering in 3D relief lettering

Just like the name of the boat, the sports boat lettering should be meaningful, match the boat and ideally not be like any other lettering. Give your sports boat a label whose font stands out from other boat labels. Depending on the material and model, you have a large selection of colors in which your sports boat should be labeled.
We offer lettering with a silver, gold and copper-colored plastic surface in a polished metal look. And a large selection of colors for lettering made of opaque acrylic glass as well as various shades of the classic wood decor look.

Particularly popular: The Maya Bay sports boat lettering in carbon look

Sportiness and speed are clearly emphasized in a sports boat with a carbon-look lettering. Our model Maya Bay is a 3D relief lettering made of acrylic glass with a carbon surface and is extremely well received as a boat lettering for sports boats. The typical structure of carbon is palpable and visible on the surface.
The body of the letters is cast from resistant acrylic glass, which withstands strong temperature fluctuations and heavy loads.

The carbon-structured surface of the letters in the Maya Bay model feels authentic and inspires with playful light reflections.
In the colors black, anthracite, blue and red, you can choose the Maya Bay model for your sports boat as a label.

If you decide to give your sports boat a lettering in 3D relief letters, you have to choose not only the model and the color, but also the font in which the name of your boat should be created.
The different fonts are roughly divided into the categories “retro fonts”, “classic fonts”, “modern fonts” and “script fonts”. This should serve as an orientation for the fine selection.

Take your time to choose the model, color and lettering that exactly match your sports boat as lettering. Before ordering, you can see a preview of the boat name in each style on our website.

Later, after completion, the selected model will be delivered to you with assembly accessories and instructions. Attaching the label to your sports boat according to the instructions can be done in about ten minutes without specialist knowledge.