Assembly? Dead easy!

Assembling a boatsign® lettering is very easy.

In the following we show you step by step how to do this.
(These instructions are also included with each of our deliveries.)



Our “Backskiste”, which you received together with your boatsign® lettering, contains everything you need for assembly. You do not have to take any other tools with you to the boat.


Make sure that the surface (e.g. boat hull) is clean and free of grease. It is best to clean the area with the enclosed "bio-fix" cleaner. It is solvent-free and at the same time highly degreasing.

By the way, bio-fix is also suitable for all other cleaning work on the boat - especially on painted surfaces, gelcoat and synthetic leather.

montage01 montage02


With the included boatsign® template, assembling your new lettering is child's play. It consists of a transparent, highly flexible plastic and can be easily attached to the boat with the help of the enclosed adhesive tape.

It is provided with a grid of horizontal and vertical lines. Please use these guidelines to place the lettering straight.

If the template is too large at one point (e.g. because there is a decorative strip in the way), you can easily cut it with a knife or sturdy scissors.



Our example name "Blue Sky" shows very nicely that some fonts have only a few straight lines, which often makes alignment very difficult.

Not so with the boatsign® template!
Just do the following:

punkt gruen 1 First measure the desired distance to the left and right of the lettering. Use the auxiliary grid for this.

punkt gruen 2 Then determine the desired height on the left (at the beginning of the writing) and fix the left end of the template with an adhesive strip.

punkt gruen 3 Measure the same height on the right (at the end of the writing) and fix the template there with an adhesive strip.

montage04montage05 montage06


Attach the template with additional adhesive strips as desired. This can be advantageous, for example, in curved areas.

Removing the silicone paper

The high-performance adhesive on the back of the letters is covered with silicone paper. This must be removed before assembly.
Always pick up the letter you want to glue next.

Carefully loosen the yellow silicone paper at one point without damaging the foam of the adhesive, and then remove it completely.



Place each letter individually in the center of the recess in the template. The cut-outs are 1 mm larger than the letters so that you can easily insert them.

Then press the entire letter firmly.

Very large or connected letters

Large elements can be easily assembled by first aligning one end and then pressing it very lightly. Then you can "rotate" the rest of the element around this fixed point until everything fits perfectly into the recess.



In this way, attach all the remaining letters one after the other and press all of them firmly once again to finish.

Then you can remove the template.

Remove protective film

Some of our letters are still covered with a protective film.

After the complete assembly, you only have to remove it in order to enjoy your new boatsign® lettering to the fullest!