Mit boatsign lassen sich 3D-Bootsbeschriftungen schnell und leicht selbst montieren


Installation instructions

Assembling a boatsign® lettering is very easy.

Here you will find installation instructions for our products.
If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at any time: +49-2331-3624968



Assembly instructions for relief lettering (3D) Montage Reliefschriften


Assembly instructions for foil lettering Montage Reliefschriften


Bootsberschriftung selbst montieren wie ein Profi – mit dem inovativen Monatgesystem von boatsign


Useful informations

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High-quality ship lettering for self-assembly

You can easily order a completely individual lettering in a color of your own choice for the name of the ship from Boatsign® using our configurator. At Boatsign® we offer you unique foil labels for boats, ships and yachts.
Just as the name of the ship should match the ship, it is impressive to choose the right lettering and a selected color for the ship's lettering.

The ship label identifies your boat with the registered boat name or ship name. At boatsign® we show you the possibility to apply the ship lettering individually as foil lettering or in relief lettering.

Self-assembly of the ship's lettering

Anyone who is currently restoring, varnishing or wrapping their boat or polishing them up for spring tours will surely think of a new ship lettering in this breath. At this point, it pays to think about innovative foil lettering from boatsign®.
You will receive the self-adhesive ship name with everything you need to assemble the lettering to the delivery address you specified.
You do not need any specialist knowledge to attach the ship lettering. Think carefully about the position of the placement where the ship name should be finally attached like a foil. The easy-to-understand assembly instructions explain every step. The ship's label is attached like an adhesive film in about ten minutes.

Ship names in relief or in foil lettering

In most cases, a foil label stays on convex and concave surfaces without restrictions, but the foil behaves differently on the ship depending on the font. For bulges or for a flat surface, we make a recommendation for our relief lettering depending on the lettering. Only the foil lettering can be permanently attached to beads and sharp edges. The relief lettering is disadvantageous with this form of ship lettering.
The ship lettering in relief script is a lettering in 3D and stands out elegantly from the background. Ship labels are characterized by high liability.

Cleaning the ship's lettering

Once the ship's label has been assembled, we recommend solvent-free cleaners for cleaning and care. These are also excellent for foil labeling on your boat and ensure a satisfactory result.

Even the pre-cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner is compatible with our lettering. Keep a sufficient distance from the nozzle and pay attention to the angle, because not the moisture could be dangerous for the adhesive, but the force of the pressure.

For cleaning your boat, you should avoid alcoholic and harsh cleaners. The rule of thumb that a cleaner for ship labeling can be used without hesitation, which does not harm your gel coat, also applies to our product.
We recommend biofix® cleaner as a suitable cleaner for the ship's name film. You can order the biofix® cleaner from us at any time.

Maintenance of the ship's lettering

Again, you can remember that all maintenance measures that are good for the hull of your ship do not harm the ship's lettering. With the right care, the luminosity of the colors is maintained for a long time.

You should protect the label from sharp objects that cause scratches. Even sandpaper and scouring pads are not suitable for ship labeling.

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