FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you will find questions that are often asked of our service team. You may already find the right answer for you. If not, we will be happy to help you:   Service-Hotline: +49-2331-3624986


Questions about assembly

Can I really assemble my boatsign® lettering myself?

Guaranteed. Everything you need is included in your "Bakskiste" - the accessory set for your lettering. You just have to look for a place where you want to put the new lettering. All further steps are described in the assembly instructions. Assembly normally takes less than ten minutes.

What about curved surfaces?

Mostly these are no problem.  Whether a lettering can be mounted at a certain point depends on the shape of the surface. A detailed explanation with examples on this question can be found on   this page.

Is the special cleaner also suitable for other jobs?

Yes.  Our cleaner is completely solvent-free and highly degreasing. It can be used not only to pre-treat surfaces, but also to remove all types of dirt. It is very well suited for gelcoat, plastics, synthetic leather and painted surfaces. Of course, also for cleaning your boatsign® lettering. Try it!


Questions about ordering

Are there any additional costs besides the prices displayed?

No.  All costs for design, advice, accessories and shipping are included in our prices. VAT is also included.

How do I find the right font size for my boat?

It is important to plan the size of your lettering carefully. We have created   this guide this guide for you for this purpose. It explains everything you need to know about this topic.

I can't find a suitable font. Can you help me?

Of course.  Simply call our service team on +49-2331-3624986. Together with you, we are guaranteed to find the perfect font.

I had a little collision and now a letter is broken. Can I reorder it individually?

Yes, that's no problem.  The complete data of your lettering are stored with us. Just tell us which letter is damaged and you will get a replacement immediately. You only pay the price for additional letters and € 6 shipping costs (shipping to Germany).


Questions about payment

How can I pay?

We offer bank transfer and PayPal as payment options. Both methods of payment are completely safe for you, because you have an unlimited, 14-day return policy. If the lettering does not meet your expectations, simply send it back and we will refund the full purchase price.
No ifs and buts.

Do I have to pay immediately when ordering?

No.  After placing your order, you will first receive an exact drawing of your new lettering from us. You will only receive an invoice from us once you have checked and approved this drawing. As soon as this is settled, we start production. Please also read the explanation of the ordering process.


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