3D-Beschriftung Modell Henley

Acrylic glass with a metallic surface

The colors

HENLEY is available in 6 different metal colors.
The body of the letter is black.


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The prices

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The standard fonts

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Retro fonts

The material

HENLEY is made from high quality black acrylic glass. The surface is provided with a metallic coating, which gives it the appearance of stainless steel.

All lettering is self-adhesive. The back is provided with a high-performance adhesive.


Material   PMMA (Acrylglas), colored, with metallic coating
Thickness   4,8 mm (incl. adhesive) 
UV resistance   7 Years
Saltwater resistance   Yes
Flexibility   Medium
Self assembly   Possible without prior knowledge
Shipping   10 days after approval



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  • BackskisteThanks to the “Backskiste” ready for assembly!

    All boatsign® logos are supplied with complete installation accessories.

    Your delivery includes:
    • Self-adhesive lettering - depending on the font in single letters
    • boatsign® mounting template
    • Special cleaner for pretreatment
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Adhesive tape for fixation before assembly
    • Tape measure
    • Assembly Instructions
  • siegel zufrieden 500pxWith this boatsign® lettering you acquire a high-quality product that will give you unlimited pleasure for many years to come. Our products come with extensive guarantees:
    • 5 year material guarantee on all components
    • 5 year guarantee on color fastness
    • 5 years guarantee on the adhesive
    If you have any reason to complain within the guarantee period, for example because a letter comes off the surface or it changes color, we will immediately provide you with a replacement. If delivery in the original color is no longer possible, we will replace the entire lettering. If this is attached to the boat twice, we will replace both logos. The guarantee does not include expenses for removing the old and gluing the new lettering.

    What should I do if I have a complaint?

Cool boat names in chrome letters - chrome lettering for boats & yachts

If you want to be individual and extraordinary, cool boat names and an impressive appearance are important for your boat or yacht. Cool boat names alone do not make the water ride unique enough - the lettering is just as important as cool boat names, etc.
Nowadays, boat names are usually attached to the hull of the boat, yacht or ship with foil. At boatsign, we create, among other things, chrome lettering that matches the design and look of your boat and your yacht and cannot be more individual. We manufacture the chrome letters for you in relief font - a 3D writing process, with which cool boat names look even cooler and more elegant.

Cool boat names in chrome lettering from boatsign

As a graphics manufacturer with high quality standards and with the passion to offer customers more, we have developed a production process with which we can create cool boat names in unusual fonts, individual colors and as a 3D foil font. In order to be able to offer our customers more individuality and choice, we came up with something special.
In order to make the boat or the yacht appear particularly elegant, fashionable and noble, chrome lettering is the ideal solution. For the metallic look of the chrome letters, it is best to choose our relief font model "Henley". For the cool boat name that you have certainly given your water vehicle, choose a suitable font with the help of our configurator. Whether cursive, classic, modern or retro - the chrome letters look great in all styles and can be implemented in all styles. If you have selected a font style for the chrome letters, select the color for the chrome lettering on your boat or yacht. With the chrome lettering "Henley" you can choose from three metallic colors. Choose for the chrome letters silver, gold or copper with a fine-cut look. The material of the chrome lettering is actually a black plastic. The surface is provided with a metallic coating in silver, gold or copper. This gives the chrome lettering the look of polished precious metal.

The chrome letters can be made as foil in any size. Installation on the hull of your boat or yacht is child's play and can be done without prior knowledge. When the chrome letters are delivered, you will receive detailed and easy-to-understand assembly instructions.
Depending on the font style, we deliver the self-adhesive chrome letters as a foil individually or as a complete chrome lettering, of course also self-adhesive. We also provide you with the Boatsign mounting template. You will also receive a special cleaner on delivery to pretreat the place where you want to attach the chrome letters. A cleaning cloth is also included.
We also think of adhesive tape for fixing before installation and add it to your delivery free of charge.
Now you only need a measuring tape or a ruler yourself and the cool boat name is already attached to your boat or yacht.
The chrome lettering is resistant to salt water, UV and weather.

We would be happy to advise you comprehensively and personally for the right choice, the right size, etc.
Cool boat names with an adequate lettering in relief, chrome-plated and individual is a must-have for boat enthusiasts who rely on individuality.
Boatsign is your contact for cool boat names in chrome lettering!
We are already looking forward to completing your application!