How do I find the right size?

So that your lettering fits perfectly on your boat afterwards, you should think carefully about the size beforehand. We'll show you how to do it.

The length / width

At the beginning, you as the owner usually ask yourself "How big should the boat name be?". And you usually mean the length (i.e. width) of the lettering. This is also the right approach: use a ruler or tape measure to stand where the lettering will be placed later and measure how long you think it should be. Write down this measure.

The height

The height of your lettering results from the chosen length and font. Some fonts are wider, others are narrower. Since the price of our boatsign® lettering is calculated by width and height, you should definitely test your boat name in our font configurator. This shows you the approximate total height of your lettering.

Please note: If you test your lettering at home on a PC with a graphics program (e.g. with your own desired font), then keep in mind that the font size specified there usually means the so-called cap height. This denotes the height of a "capital letter". Lower case letters in particular can also have "descenders", ie parts of a character that protrude below the base line. Examples of this would be a "g" or a "p". So if you only have a limited amount of space available on your boat (e.g. by strips or edges), then you should definitely take into account possible descenders.


How do I determine the height?

Since the ratio of length to height differs greatly depending on the font, we have created a little help for you: our font configurator.

In our preview you can view your desired text in any font we offer. In addition, you should also enter the desired length: The preview then calculates the expected total height of this lettering.

Please note: This calculated size is only an approximation. After you have submitted your order to us, you will receive an exactly dimensioned drawing from us. In this are all lengths, heights, descenders, etc. entered. You should then compare these dimensions with the planned location on the boat. Changes are then still possible without any problems.

schaubild schriftenvorschau 
The font preview calculates the approximate total height of the lettering.
Here: 7.96 cm with a length of 40 cm

How do I determine the price?

The price of our lettering is calculated from the total area, i.e. width x height. You will find our price calculator on every model page. Enter the desired dimensions there and you will immediately receive the prices for a single lettering, a set of 2 (e.g. for bow lettering on port and starboard) and a set of 3 (e.g. for bow and stern lettering).

Please note: If you order a set, you can also combine different sizes. For example, with a set of 3, the rear lettering normally has a different size than the front lettering. The different sizes are taken into account in the offer that you receive after placing your order. Unfortunately, the price calculator on our website cannot calculate this exactly.


Do you have any questions about the size of your lettering? Contact us. Together we will find the right dimensions.

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