How do I order?

BestellablaufAt boatsign® we manufacture high quality products.
That is why we accompany you step by step through the order.

For each order, our graphic designers first produce an exact drawing, which we present to our customers for assessment. The lettering only goes into production when this draft has been released.

For this reason, an order is divided into six steps:

Modelle entdecken

Discover  models,  colors  and  prices

Browse through our model overview and find your favorite model. On every model page you will find the available colors and can calculate the price immediately.

  To overview of our models and prices

Schrift finden

Find  your  font

In our font configurator you can view your desired text in all the fonts we offer. The configurator also calculates the approximate size of your lettering.

  Test your text in the font configurator



Use the order form to send us all the necessary data such as model, color, font and text. You do not have to make a payment at the time of ordering.

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check  drawing  and  price

As soon as we have received your order, we will create a scale drawing and send it to you for review. You can also see the exact dimensions of the lettering from this drawing. You will also receive a binding offer.


send  payment

We will only send you an invoice by email and ask you to pay the amount if you agree to the drawing and place an order for production.

You can choose to pay by bank transfer or PayPal.

Produktion und Versand

production  and  shipping

As soon as we have received your payment, your order will go into production. After completion, your lettering will be sent to you together with all the necessary accessories.

The   Shipping within Germany is free. For other countries we have a small extra charge.


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